One for the Introverts…

‘There is zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas’ Susan Cain.

This is a quote that really stood out to me when reading GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. (Which FYI is the best book I’ve read this year – if you’re a girl with big ideas and big career plans this is a great read and I’ve written a review about it here: GIRLBOSS Review

But seriously, when you think about it, the world has been set up for extroverts, and sometimes for the introverts out there, it can feel as if you’re being overlooked, but just because you’re not the loudest in the classroom or the one pushing their ideas, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to be successful, and this was definitely something I worried about when starting University, especially a degree such as advertising!
At school and 6th form, I definitely wasn’t the most confident, I never liked putting my hand up to answer questions and I didn’t like taking the lead on group or class debates, and the thought of having to do this in a lecture theatre absolutely terrified me! I was worried that lecturers wouldn’t recognise I had talent if I didn’t speak up, and that I would inevitably get bad grades if I didn’t gain some confidence, or at least appear confident.

Now firstly, the whole process of going to university does help with the confidence thing, you meet so many new people all the time, that chatting to people and expressing your opinions and ideas in a group does just get easier and easier. The other thing I have noticed, is that the people that are really confident and expressive, don’t necessarily have the best ideas or get the best grades. To succeed at university is very different to school, you can’t just sail through on confidence alone, and the ones that thrive on hard work and determination are the ones that have the better ideas and are more likely to succeed. Basically what I’m trying to say is if you are shy, and are worried about not appearing confident, don’t be! Your lecturers will notice your hard work through the outcome of your work and essays and assignments. It’s something I worried about so much at the start but I really wish I hadn’t! If you put the effort in, go to all your lectures, do all your additional reading and get really stuck into any projects that are thrown your way, you will do absolutely amazingly and get the grades you want!


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