Sorting out the future

Over the past few weeks, since finishing my course I have been spending my time wisely in that I have been looking for and applying for jobs within the health care sector and likewise with apprenticeships, as I feel an apprenticeship maybe easier to get for the short-to medium term than a job. Whilst I have had a rejection, not heard back from another and am still waiting to hear about a position I have applied for within the NHS I am pleased to say I have got two interviews! The first is next Wednesday and this is for a job that involves helping to improve the quality of life for people in Blackburn (a town in east Lancashire that I can get to on the bus back home) with learning disabilities. The other is for an apprenticeship in a care assistant role which involves caring for the elderly. Whilst I may not get either position, there are other ones in the pipeline (that I have applied for) and it’s just a case of persevering. This kind of thing is definitely a “Some you win, some you lose” type situation. Some I might not hear back from, some I might get a rejection for, some I might get an interview for but not get called back but one job or apprenticeship out there will be the one I end up doing.

One thing that has really been helping me in all this though (besides the support of my family back home) is Edge Hill Career’s Service. I have been to see them more times since finishing my degree than I ever did during my studies. I have mentioned them a few times before in previous posts but they really are helpful for things like checking your CV, applying for jobs, giving interview tips and advice and other career related matters.If you want to check them out, then the links to their Facebook page and Edge Hill page are below 🙂

Edge Hill Careers Center

Edge Hill Careers

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