4 Months off – Whats a Girl to do?

Now at first glance, a 4 month summer holiday sounds like complete bliss! No waking up at 7am, no all night study sessions, no to-do lists, it’s hard to believe I’m about to start complaining isn’t it! But so far I am precisely 4 days and 21 hours in and I am banging my head against the wall with boredom! I’ll be honest I’m the kinda girl that needs to be occupied 24/7 not having anything to do, sends me a little bit crazy because I love being busy. So today, I decided I really should make a plan to make the most out of this summer…

First things first, I need to work my way outta that overdraft, so I went back to the bar I was working in last summer and convinced them to employ me again.
– Job and Money, CHECK

Next, I decided with 4 months off I really should try and get some experience in my field. So I’ve literally spent the whole of today scouring the web for any and every design internship and placement going – I’ve had loads of help from Uni with my CV so with that under my belt, the next step is writing a million and one cover letters. Wish me luck!
– Placement, CHECK

Thirdly, with all this spare time on my hands I can finally get stuck into projects that got tossed to the side line during the heavy study period at the end of term. This includes getting back into my beauty blog, and getting back into Yoga. I’d actually forgotten how much I love it!
– Hobbies, CHECK

And last but not least, spending time with my family and friends, being so far away during term-time really makes me miss everyone from home, so I am so excited to spend loads of time with everyone this summer.

So there’s a little insight as to what the next 4 months are looking like for me. Hope you all have amazing summers and are getting excited to be starting at Edge Hill in september!

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