Packing for University – TOP TIPS

This week I finished my second year of university! The stress of coursework and exams has finally lifted, but now comes the stress of packing up to go home! I yet again have seriously under estimated the amount of stuff I own and am now panicking how to pack it all away on my own without the help of my mum (yes it’s true I still rely on my mum to pack!). So today I thought I’d shine a light on how I’ve managed to cram all of my stuff into a small space effectively – including my un-necessarily large lipstick collection, to give you some tips of how to pack for university, and a few tips of what not to bring!

1. Firstly, vacuum pack bags are your best friend! I’ve managed to fit a grand total of 4 towels, 4 pillows, 2 cushions, a coat, 3 jumpers and a hoodie into one squished bag! They are so worth the investment and a great way to transport your stuff, especially if you only have a small car.
2. Don’t just bring everything from your wardrobe, you never wear it all! Let’s be real, you’re a student and you’re going to live in trackies and a hoodie the majority of the time. ps. ladies you’ll only need the one pair of heels – and you’ll wear them once in freshers week and never again!
3. Don’t bring every single kitchen utensil ever invented – you won’t need them all and everyone else in your flat will bring them and you’ll end up with 7 potato mashers!
4. Shoe Boxes are a saviour – for transportation purposes these are amazing for all those little things that won’t go anywhere else! I think mine’s filled with sun glasses, fake lashes and all other sorts of junk – but they are really handy so don’t throw them out. I’m currently using my GHD box to store my lipstick collection – pretty inventive storage i think!
5. Bag for Life – Not only awesome for transporting things but you’ll need them for when you’ve got that trek from Morrisons back to halls with your weekly shopping.

ps. if you need any more packing inspiration, check out this video!


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