One exam done, one exam left!

Well as promised I did say I would write a blog after my child law exam today, and it went well… fingers crossed! Everything that I revised came up so I was really happy, I just hope my answer technique was as good!

I woke up this morning and I was ready for the exam, I had too much information in my head and it just all needed to come out. On your desk you have two answer booklets, and me being me needed a third one! The invigilator was my lecturer for that exam and she just smiled! It’s such a good feeling knowing that everything you had to say you were able to say.

So what’s left for me now…. just one more exam next thursday, Law of Evidence.

Even though I’ve completed an exam, I still feel like I feel like I have the same amount of pressure on me, which is a really annoying feeling.

And then… that’s it for me, I will have officially finished my degree, and officially finished my time here at Edge Hill. At the moment that feels like a million miles away.

I hope if you’ve had an exam, it’s gone as well as mine did! Good luck and keep working hard, it will all be worth it! 🙂

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