Careers Awards Evening

Me and my team members were nominated for On Campus Student Team of the year, and were invited to the Careers Evening where multiple awards were given out to Employees, Employers and Volunteers. Us three gained certificates for being “Highly Commended”, and my LinkedIn profile was updated, of course.

This got me thinking about the value of employment, as it was because of my job working for the University that helped me gain an insight into the benefits of paid employment.

Me and the team getting our certificates.

One thing I’ve noticed in employment is the social value that it brings, working with my colleagues and meeting many different people in a professional manner. It does act as a confidence booster, as to be honest I’m actually shy, so the networking experience is good. There’s also the educational value, as I learn communication and teamwork skills, as well as working under pressure in busy environments. And finally, let’s not forget there’s the financial value.

I’m glad that the event highlighted the various areas of employment such as volunteering and business, with inspiring reasons as to why each person gained their respective award or nomination. I feel that employment is a very important part of society, and my experience of employment is that made me pursue a career in education, so that others can be helped to be as employable as possible, so that they may experience the rewards.

The careers awards event –

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