So Much Variety!!!

As you may already know, I am about to finish my degree in English Literature. Even though I am just about to graduate, my classes still continue to surprise me! If there’s something that has been one of the most pleasant surprises about my course at Edge Hill, it’s been the absolutely incredible variety of things I’ve been able to study, all under the heading of ‘English Literature’. As well as the expected books, plays and poems, I’ve looked at films, video games, role-playing games, and loads more. It’s really incredible that playing a game can count as work towards my degree!

I thought that I’d got used to the variety of things I could study, but last week in my Dickens and Popular Culture module we had a whole week concentrating on illustrations of Dickens’ work from the Victorian era. It made such a change to look at pictures – and we even had a go at creating our own illustrations! Drawing is definitely not my strong point but it was lots of fun all the same, and I discovered that some of my classmates have some hidden artistic talents!

An illustration from Oliver Twist
An illustration from Oliver Twist

The great thing about the content of modules at Edge Hill being so varied is that it makes it difficult to get bored. I also have found myself constantly developing new skills. Last year when I took Texts in Motion, which was a heavily film based module, I had to learn a whole new load of terms in order to analyse the films correctly, which was a challenge but also really interesting and exciting to do.

I’ve found that university has allowed me to experience so many new things, both in my course and outside of it. There’s so many opportunities to try something you’ve never even thought of before, whether that’s joining a sports club for a sport you’ve never played before, or going to see unusual shows at the on campus theatre, or perhaps (and maybe most common!) trying a new kind of alcohol! Whatever you decide to do whilst at university, don’t be scared to try new things and most of all, have fun!

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