Exams are next!

Yesterday was the last time I will hand in coursework! If my calculations are correct, that’s 15 pieces of coursework over 3 years, and in total it will be 14 exams over 3 years, and trust me when I say they do not get any easier! But, in a weird way I will miss them! Coursework allows you to go and do extra research and build up your knowledge, which is really interesting and rewarding especially if you’re interested in the area you are writing about.

Today I had an appointment with one of my favourite tutors, she’s taught me for Child Law this year and she is really helpful and supportive! I went to see her for some exam advice, as this is the time for me to push up my marks, I spent an hour in her office just going over exam technique. I think most, if not all of the tutors are the same, so if you’re like me and panic about exams, don’t worry they will always be there to give you a hand!

So, what’s left for me now? 2 exams, one on Friday 8th May, which is my Child Law exam and the second on Thursday 14th May for my Law of Evidence exam. For those of you who are wondering if I have done a dissertation… I haven’t, law is one of those subjects where you can choose to do one, or to choose another module!

Anyway, I know May is the time for exams for everybody, so for those of you who are reading this… good luck and stay positive! Try your best, it’s all you can do! I’m sure all your hard work will pay off.

And just before I end this blog…. I have a new theory, maybe it will help you:

“knowledge is confidence”. 🙂

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