Final week of my degree

Well this is it. The end of my degree course is this week even though I don’t graduate until July, my final coursework deadline is Friday and my dissertation is due Thursday. I actually can’t believe how quick it is has gone, it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was a timid first year who was still getting used to everything and establishing who my friends are. Now, here I am over two and a half years later having passed both my 1st and 2nd years with overall 2:1’s, all assignments from last semester with varying grades and if all goes according to plan I should hopefully be graduating in July with an overall 2:1 (a grade between 60 and 70% is classed as a 2:1 and anything between 70% and 100% is a 1st) which is what I need to ultimately go onto to do another degree in the future, either in Health or Research Psychology as this is where my interests lie within psychology.

Looking back on my degree I have to say that I definitely chose the right degree course and whilst I have been stressed out at times with coursework and deadlines (this year especially) it will all be worth it in July when I get my results and of course graduate Edge Hill.

All of this brings me onto a few pieces of advice for all of you who are hoping to come to Edge Hill either this coming September or the September after that.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

2. Make the most of opportunities offered to you

3. Be prepared to work hard

4. Make time for relaxation and fun

5. Keep in touch with back home

I hope you found that advice helpful, and if you want to ask me anything then drop me a comment 🙂

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