So we’re finally in the last stretch! For me it’s the last stretch of second year so lots of assignments to be getting on with and for you I’m assuming lots of coursework or exams revision! I remember being so stressed this time two years ago, I remember finding it really tough to study and juggle coursework and exams in 3 different subjects! I think the pressure of knowing you need to make good grades for uni really makes the whole ordeal a whole lot more stressful! I thought I’d share a few tips today of what helped me stay calm around exams time and helped me make it to uni!

1. I love to re-write things out! – That sounds a bit obvious and simple but it really helps it stay in my head. Im also really visual so I liked to make revision cards and posters with coloured pens!
2.Past Papers – I failed my A level English exam first time round. So in prep for the next one, I did past paper after past paper and made my teacher mark them until I got better grades. I got an A in the end so it must have helped!
3. Collaboration – I used to get together with other class mates and revise together and test each other. Sometimes we’d go for a walk along the beach and just chat broadly around the subject, I was really surprised by how much this helped, and the information you can retain from an informal chat is amazing!
4. Don’t turn into a workaholic revision robot! – Make time to chill out and exercise. I used to still go to all my dance classes when I was studying my A levels, and I think this helped take my mind off revision, so I could then go back to it with a fresh pair of eyes and motivated mind set!

I really hope some of these tips help! I know some of them are slightly less conventional, but they really helped me! And finally…GOOD LUCK! You’ll do amazing 🙂

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