When I was looking for my prom dress in Year 11, someone told me that you will instantly know when you have found the dress you want. I thought this was a load of rubbish but it’s actually true. You get ‘The Feeling’ and you know it’s the right one. I don’t mean the song by Black Eyed Peas but I suppose you do feel like singing that once you know! No matter how many others I tried on I knew I had found the dress for me!

This feeling is similar when you are looking around University. On paper the University can appear very different, I thought I wanted to go to DeMontford in Leicester but when I got there I didn’t really feel anything. I didn’t know that I was supposed to have ‘The Feeling’ before I came to Edge Hill. From the moment I arrived I knew that this was where I was going to be happy!

The campus is beautiful and everyone was so friendly. I knew that I would feel at home here!

I would like to be able to describe ‘The Feeling’ but I guess it’s different for everyone. You become determined that this is the place you are going to come. If anything this is a great motivation starter to do well and get in! I know it was for me! The entire time I was studying for my A Levels I was praying that I would get my place at Edge Hill. I just think you need to go and see the University as you are likely to get ‘The Feeling’ which will help you make this BIG decision!

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