Our Lovely Campus

The last few weeks or so the weather really has been picking up and I’m so excited because the sunshine makes our lovely campus look so beautiful and gives students more opportunities to enjoy it. When I first visited Edge Hill, the campus is really one of the main things that won me over. It’s a lot greener than most of the other universities I visited, despite being only a short distance from the town and the city of Liverpool.


One of my favourite things about the camps is the mixture of modern and old buildings. Whilst the Main Building is there from when the university first opened, there are also constantly new buildings popping up that are always really creatively designed. The campus is totally worth a visit if you want to admire some good architecture.


Another great thing is how close everything is on campus. Everyone that I’ve had come to visit Edge Hill has commented on how big the campus is and, although it can feel that way at first, it actually only takes about five minutes to walk from one side of campus to the other. There are buildings everywhere which really adds to the campus feel. When I visited my brother at his university I sometimes had to walk through fields to get between university buildings – great if you want a nice country walk but, as a lazy student who likes to sleep in as late as possible, I definitely prefer having everything close together!


A handy thing about campus is the shops, bars and food outlets. There’s a fair few to choose from and they’re dotted all about campus so you’re never too far from one if you’ve only got a quick break. All the food is a really nice quality and not too expensive either. There’s also lots of good social spots around campus where you can sit and eat with friends, or just to stop and have a coffee and a chat.


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