The Final Push

Tomorrow I’m travelling back to Ormskirk to be back with my friends and into my flat – mainly because I need the library and have a lot of deadlines coming up soon!

Once all these deadlines and exams are out of the way, I’ll be having a few nights out with friends as a celebration at the end of the year, as well as the last parties with friends before they leave for summer. It’s going to be great fun!

After my exam, I’m planning to go on a big night out in Liverpool with a lot of members from the LGBT+ society – it will be a great laugh going to GayTown and jumping between clubs. It’s also a good time in Ormskirk if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, with Alpine, Styles and Horseshoe only a few minutes down the road from campus.

Of course there is always the SU bar and Quad on campus, but for the nights that there are no big events happening, it’s nice to try out new places. I’d really recommend Liverpool for a night out if you haven’t been – it’s got a great vibe and there are loads of places to go with friends which can be cheap, so long as you don’t get too drunk!

Other places to go in Ormskirk for social activities are pubs and also sometimes there are events on by the gym and swimming pool. The park has a few activities every now and then for people to go to, which are always a laugh.

And of course, don’t forget all of the activities on campus! There’s nearly always something happening in the hub, and if not then there are notices around the campus advertising events that are coming up in the future – go and check them out if you’re stuck for something to do and need a break from revision!

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