Working whilst at Uni!

A lot of students come to University with the hope of getting a part time job. Despite it being fairly hard at the start, this can often be a good thing as it provides you with that extra bit of money which is always handy as a student!

If you choose to work then you will meet some great people and earn a fair amount of money. However, don’t forget that you will also lose a lot of your time! With a typical part time job working in a bar, restaurant or shop then you will be expected to work a certain number of hours a week usually this is between 8 – 12 hours. This may not seem like a lot but it does add up.

I personally don’t have an official part time job but I am currently working for the University writing this blog and doing various audition days for the Drama department. This suits me as it is only a few hours a week dedicated to the blog and I am not obliged to do all the audition days if I can’t make it or feel that I have too much going on that week! With it being during the day I can still manage to socialise with Uni friends and don’t feel that I have to let people down. However, official working can often lead to unsociable working hours.

I have recently just got a job teaching Maths to KS1 and KS2 at an after school club on a Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Again this is fairly flexible as you only have to commit to do one six week block at a time and if you can’t make one session you simply won’t get paid for it!

Not only does having a part time job hinder you from social activities or visiting friends elsewhere as you have to get the time off, it can also restrict the amount of time you get to go home for during the University holidays. A lot of people I know have been unable to go home for Easter because they are having to stay at University and work.

I feel that with the work I do, I am able to get a small amount of extra money and don’t have to make any drastic sacrifices!¬†However, a lot of people would disagree and really enjoy their jobs. I just feel that you should consider the implications that are attached to working whilst at Uni!

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