Having to Buy your Own Easter Egg.

I moved about 250 Miles away from home when I came to UNI, it takes about 4 hours to get here. People all thought I was a bit mad when I said I was going up north, but being all independent I was moving on and not looking back.

My opinions have changed a little bit, I now see the advantage of being able to go home without giving it too much though, mostly for washing and not having to cook or wash up for myself. But I really wouldn’t change a thing. Even though this week I have had to buy my own Easter egg, which I have to admit is a tad depressing and I got quite a sad look from the cashier when she saw me with it.

I think a lot of people kind of give themselves a distance limit when looking for UNI’s and for some moving far away isn’t an option, either because of work commitments or they just aren’t prepared to move too far away. But if you are thinking about it, and willing to take the plunge, moving somewhere completely new, and being forced into complete independence is kind of exciting, it’s really daunting, but its mostly exciting.

That’s why I think Edge Hill was the perfect fit for me, the all inclusive campus made it a little less daunting, and I didn’t have to get used to a big city that I didn’t know. Being in Ormskirk for the first time is the least intimidating thing you can go through, it’s probably the cutest little town I have ever been in.

This weeks song is Retrograde by James Blake, it is one of those songs you have definatley heard before but can’t quite remeber where. It’s an amazing song and has been on loop all this week.

Until Next Time 🙂

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