Nearly there…

Moving to Edge Hill at the age of 18 was the first time I had ever experienced independence. Before that, I lived with my mum and dad and dog, and really relied heavily on them, for instance, I referred to my dad as ‘taxi dad’ he would pick me up and take me to friends house, dance, the metrolink/bus, work or wherever I wanted to go. And my mum would always to be the one clean up, do the washing, and cook. Whereas now, I do everything on my own. I get myself to and from places, and I do everything that my mum did for me myself!

At the beginning of first year I went home every weekend up until Christmas, (mainly to go back to my weekend job) but I soon got really tired of the trains and decided to find a job down here. Which I did and I still absolutely love it!

Ever since then, I have very rarely ventured home, it’s only for birthdays or special occasions that I can book a weekend off and come home. But when I do, it’s the best feeling ever! It’s something that I have defiantly took for granted, and now I appreciate everything that both my mum and dad have done for me, and now I’m the one looking after the house whilst there away at work!

Don’t get me wrong there’s times, normally near coursework deadlines and exam period, that I have enough and just want my home comforts. But uni is and has been my home for the last 3 years, and home is what you make of it! Flat mates, course friends and work friends really do play a huge part in taking your mind of things like that! And I’m very grateful to them all who have been there when I’ve needed them!

Uni is what you make of it. Knowing that in reality you’re only away from home, September/October to May really is not a very long time in the grand scheme of things! Especially when you have a couple of weeks off for Christmas, Easter and half terms! Enjoy it, and make this uni your home too! 🙂


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