Student Support at Edge Hill University

Sometimes being at university and far away from home and your parents, there are a few questions that need to be asked but you can be a little unsure as to where to turn. This is where Student Services comes in, it’s a whole team of really lovely people dedicated to the students to help and guide you in so many different ways! The team is situated in the Student Information Centre (S.I.C) which you can find just to the right of the library in the centre of the campus. The team are there to help and advise in a number of different ways from career advice to financial support and counselling, they are a lovely team and are always happy to help however they can!
ssHomeHere I have put together a little summary to show you the kinds of things Student Services help students with all over campus, to show you there’s really no need to sweat the small stuff! The titles are links to the website if you want more info!

Accommodation Support and Advice
This is for both students that live on campus and off campus! Say for example you’re having problems with your landlord, or perhaps the people you’re living with in halls, there is a team of people dedicated to making sure you’re totally happy in your living situation and will help you any way they can to do so!

Careers and part-time Jobs
There is a careers centre based in the S.I.C that will be able to help you with part-time work in addition to graduate employment. Just by signing up they send out weekly emails with current part-time vacancies, and if you make an appointment with a member of the team they are more than happy to help you with job applications and CV writing! It’s also great to note they can help you up to 3 years after you graduate!! I went in looking for advice on internships and placements and they were really helpful.

Whether you’re in a tiff with student finance or struggling with the cost of living, student services are here to help, whether that’s helping you secure part-time work or helping you out with a stress free budget plan!

Counselling and Wellbeing
I think this is a really important one, especially when you’re embarking on a new adventure like moving to university, it can all be very overwhelming! The counsellors are there to help you with any concerns or worries you may have and will help you find solutions to problems or ways of coping, or even just someone to talk through your problems with! They also offer a range of sessions such as relaxation sessions to help tackle stress!

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