Being away from home can be really hard,  especially when you move out for the first time. Starting at university, although a lot of fun, can also be a really stressful time, and it’s during these difficult periods that I know many people wish they could just be at home with their families. It’s not always easy just to visit home for a weekend, something that I’ve definitely experienced living so far away from my hometown. So what are the solutions?

Well nothing will ever be as good as actually being at home with family and friends, but if I can’t physically be there, I’ve always found speaking to those I miss most makes me feel better. Whether it’s over the phone or through Skype; just one conversation can make a world of difference. I’ve even had friends who have sent me cards and letters when I’ve been having a hard time, and getting to read through those was also really special and helped a lot.

Living somewhere else is also something that can take time to get used to. I know a lot of people who were really overcome with homesickness during their first few weeks at university, but before long they were all settled in and feeling a lot better. You just have to try and remember that the feeling will go away eventually.

Feeling homesick is definitely not something that you just feel when you first move out though, and I always find that I start missing home a lot just before Christmas. It’s at this time that I have a lot of deadlines, and it’s also when everyone is in the festive spirit, a time I normally spend with family. My method to combat this in the past has been through making new traditions and engaging in fun festive activities with my friends, who really have become like a second family. And it’s really worked well.

And finally, as much as you might miss home whilst you’re at university, I bet you as soon as you get home you’ll start missing your university life. I find that it’s pretty hard to go back to living under my parents’ rules, set meal times and all that stuff that I’ve let slip whilst I’ve been living by myself!

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