Drunken antics left, right and centre…

Does anyone else have a routine when it comes to nights out?

Well, we do.

When the week’s over, admittedly sometimes during the week as well, we like to drink our nights away. We usually follow a set of unwritten rules, which go something like this…

We begin with decisions: What’s everyone going to wear? Where are we going out? Liverpool? Ormskirk?.. Right Ormskirk to keep costs down. Where in Ormskirk? Mustard? Nah. Alpine? Yes.

Then we start pre-drinking, more often than not far too early. We leave one by one to get ready in our rooms, then reunite in the living room to play drinking games. These games follow an unofficial order, yet we all have the set memorised for what comes next.

Ring of fire> Over the bridge> A card game which we don’t have a name of, but it’s my favourite> Paranoid (a classic for starting arguments from meaningless comments)… Then if it’s a house party, games like ‘Never Have I Ever’ surface. This is of course just and excuse to be nosey.

People start arriving. The house is rammed with unfamiliar faces. Spillages are occurring, with what feels like every two minutes, no doubt from Morrison branded vodka. Before you know it we’ve ran out of toilet roll. Someone always seems to be crying, of which no one knows why. The music is beyond loud. Drunken chats, people falling and horrendous singing is everywhere. On some occasions the neighbours have complained, which leads us to emptying the house and heading to town.

You could literally copy and paste this for every weekend entry and very few factors would change. Oh the joys of being a student.

Until next time…:)

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