Campus Facilities

Edge Hill’s campus is a great place to be. There are so many different facilities on site that will interest you in some way, and there are nearly always events on that you can attend for something to do!

The hub is definitely the main centre of the campus – a lot of events happen around or in the hub, with the coffee shops and cafe’s nearby. There is access to the Student Union upstairs if you have any questions or queries, and there are a lot of places to sit around and chill with friends when you’re not in lessons.

Across from the hub is the SU bar and Quad. This is a great place to go and spend time with friends – they have cheap drinks, music, sofa booths to relax in and every night is a theme (quiz nights, socials, karaoke) so it’s always a lot of fun!

There are also all of the faculty buildings across campus. The education building has a small cafe in it, and it’s a very nice building to look around and explore. I personally haven’t explored many of the faculty buildings – should be something to do this year!

I have spent a lot of time in creative edge because of my course, and it’s a very nice building. There is an open access lab where anyone can use the computers for work, and there are the computing labs that can be used when free. There’s a lot of places around campus that can be used for work if you can’t work at home!

A good place to work is the LINC building – this is open all the time and can be accessed with your uni card. If you don’t fancy the LINC, the library is around the corner where you can use it for the time it is open. When deadlines approach, you’ll soon find yourself spending a lot of time somewhere doing work!

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