Happy Chinese New Year!

Or should I say “Tsoon jay kwai ler” which is Chinese for “Happy Chinese New Year”!

Uni had some super cute little stalls on, in the hub on Thursday, which was the beginning of a full weekend of celebrations for the Chinese.

They had stalls which informed you of what animal you are based on the year you were born in. This year is the year of the goat. They had fortune cookies that they were giving out… typically, being a third student, mine said, “now is the time to further your career”… either that or it’s fate! Depends what you believe in I suppose! They also had little pocket books with handy phrases to learn, Chinese tea making, paper folding and they even offered to write your name in Chinese!


super cute chinese offerings!
super cute Chinese offerings!


I was planning on going to Liverpool yesterday/today to China town and see all the celebrations, stalls and little markets, but I had to work instead! There’s always next year though.

Edge Hill really do make the most out of every occasion and celebration. They make you aware of what is going on in society within different cultures, and even more so, they make it fun! 🙂


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