Pancake Day

I’m a big fan of pancakes and so Pancake Day is very exciting for me! However, usually it’s just me, my mum and my step dad but here at uni it was nice to be able to make them with friends!

I loved being trusted with the oven on our own and being able to put as much sugar as I wanted on them! Even though as a result of this I did end up feeling sick afterwards so I guess mum does know best! (she’ll love that I have admitted that!)

We had a bit of a disaster initially because the uni shop ran out of all the ingredients and mix for pancakes and because we were very unorganised we didn’t have anything in. However, one of my friends lives with someone who is organised and so we were able to borrow some of their mixture.

Also my pancakes this year had an unexpected twist because one of my friends flatmates had heart shaped moulds. These were fairly hard to create but we somehow managed to do it!


It was really good fun to be able to make them with other people this year as it makes it more exciting. We were all trying to flip them and toss them which was very funny when some of them didn’t work.

Even though I missed my mum’s and step-dad’s pancakes as they are the best, these pancakes were still yummy and more fun to make!

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