Applicant Visit Days at Edge Hill

Recently my psychology department held it’s annual applicant visit day for people looking to study Psychology at Edge Hill in September. But what is it an applicant visit day? What does it consist of? Is it worth going to one? Do I need to book on one? The aim of this blog post is to answer these questions and enlighten you on applicant visit days at Edge Hill university based on my own applicant visit day in January 2012 (how time flies!)

First of all before I could make the trip up to Edge Hill with my dad (he hadn’t visited Edge Hill previous to the visit day, the first time I visited Edge Hill was with my mum on an open day) I had to book online to let them know I was coming. Then when the day I arrived I got the bus and then two trains up to Ormskirk with my dad, and after having a look round Ormskirk we went up to campus where we were welcomed in the Health and Social Care building by student guides who were giving out bags of goodies and whose jobs it was to show us around campus. We also attended a welcome talk given by the then program leader for Psychology – Dr. Debbie Pope (she’s since left). After that we had a tour of the campus before lunch (which was a free buffet provided for us by the edge hill catering services). Then in the afternoon I went off for a taster session with the other applicants there that day, whilst my dad attended a talk for parents/carers. All in all it was a worth while day because it confirmed my feelings that Edge Hill was the place for me.

To summarise, is it worth going to one? Yes. Do I need to book onto one? Yes. What does one consist of? As you can see from above, it consists of a welcome talk, a campus tour and a taster session for your course.

Anyway I hope you have found this blog informative when it comes to applicant visit days at Edge Hill, and if you still want more information you can use the link below which comes with a video showing an applicant visit day 🙂

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