My course: BA (Hons) Media, Music and Sound

My course, “The Bachelor of Arts Degree in: Media, Music and Sound”, has changed a lot since I started. The media building has changed, some modules have changed, and there’s now a lot more music courses at the Uni to choose from. This post is about my course, who it is for, and what you can get out of it (in my opinion). 

Media, Music and Sound students… including me!

My Course

My course covers (as you’ve probably guessed) three areas in creative arts, beginning with broad perspectives in the first year, with the focus becoming more and more specialised towards the end.

Bear in mind it is a Bachelor of Arts, so expect a more creative and sociological approach to music and media, compared to a more technical and scientific approach like a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) Degree, and / or a more musical approach like a Bachelor of Music (BMus) Degree.

The first year has you studying the relationships between society and creative output, by studying the arts industries and academic texts on humanities, and engaging in producing music and media itself.

The second year draws on the first year’s humanities and production themes, honing into certain, though not too specific, areas of the two – For example, you may study Representation of Cultures, and Music Video Production.

The final year is a lot more specialised, enabling you, with the skills gained from the previous years, to do focussed projects within humanities and music production.

My Thoughts

My course in particular seems suited to those wanting to do cultural studies. While there are elements of practical production like making music and short films, these practices are mostly influenced by academic thought on culture such as Audience analysis and Marketing Strategy. So if you love the academic side of intellectual analysis then great, and an understanding of Society really helps develop a business sense if a job in arts academia is not your first ambition.

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