Poetry Slam

Last week I attended Edge Hill’s first ever Poetry Slam. When I first heard about the event I was so excited because it’s a little bit different to the kind of thing that’s usually going on in the SU bar and something that is definitely up my street. I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed. It was really great to see so many people get up and read their poems, and I couldn’t believe how talented my peers are. There were some really amazing poets and they were a pleasure to listen to.


I didn’t think there were many other people at uni who enjoyed poetry, but the bar was pretty packed which was wonderfully unexpected. I think that’s one of the great things about Edge Hill; there’s always something going on to interest you, even if you feel like you have quite particular tastes, and you’ll always find a group of people who have the same interests too.

Edge Hill has a massive range of societies to join, from the Circus Skills Society to the Medieval Re-enactment Society. You can see a full list of our societies here. Joining a society is a really good way to meet people who have similar interests to you, especially when you first start at university. You get the chance to sign up to societies during your first week at the Freshers Fair, although most societies are happy to let you join at any point during the year. In my experience, the students who run societies have always been really welcoming, so although attending your first meeting can be daunting, it’s normally more fun than you think.

As well as society stuff, there’s always loads of events going on to take part in if you want. For example, this week is SAFE (Sexual Awareness For Everyone) week on campus. As well as lots of really great, educational talks, there’s film screenings and even speed dating. There’s so much variety at uni, it’s almost impossible to get bored!

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