Applicant Visit Day!

It was around this time that I booked my place to come to an Applicant Visit Day here at Edge Hill. Even though that was nearly 3 years ago I still remember coming here with my mum for the very first time!

Once we arrived and got directed to the main car park, we were shown to the place we needed to sign in. The first ever memory I had, was coming off the car park to go through to the campus with great big green banners that said, “Welcome to Edge Hill”. So cute!

Anyway, the day consisted of two things. Firstly, having a meet and great taster session of what our potential course would be like. And secondly, having a tour of the campus – in particular campus accommodation. There was various breaks in between where you could socialise and mix with other visitors to get their view on the uni.

All the staff and student guides were so friendly, they answer all your questions and were all over the place, so if you ever took the wrong turn they were there to direct you back!

I would 100% recommend attending an Applicant Visit Day, regardless of what uni you apply too, because that’s how you get “the feel for it”. I knew on the Applicant Visit Day that this would become my second home… and it has! 🙂


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