A Week in the Life of an Advertising Student!

dscf1116Today I thought I’d share a little insight as to what its like being a second year Advertising Student! Although the style and nature of the course is really fast paced and forever changing I thought I’d just show you what a typical week is like, so enjoy!

Monday- Up early on a monday morning ready for my 9.30am lecture, a lot of coffee is usually involved!! On Mondays I have a TV Advertising module, which involves picking a campaign and producing a full length creative piece of film advertising. It’s really exciting, we usually start the session looking at inspiring things to get us motivated, for example this week we watched all the ads that were realised in the US on Superbowl Night! We then got into our groups and started the creative process which involved post it notes, brain storming and more coffee!

Tuesday- Tuesdays are another early start, I’m up and in my design skills and technology workshop by 10am where we learn how to use all the Adobe software! At the moment we’re also learning things for the TV module such as editing film, camera equipment and filming techniques. In the afternoon I have Industry Portfolio where we’re learning how to brand ourselves, this is my favourite module at the moment as I’m really starting to learn where I want to go with my career!

Wednesday– DAY OFF!! Days off usually consist of working on projects, you never know when inspiration may come so we tend to set days off aside to just casually work on projects and getting inspiration from here, there and everywhere!

Thursday – Psychology and Persuasion lecture, this was a module I picked because I was really interested in the topics. At the moment were looking into the Language of Persuasion and how and why certain speeches are successful! – Emma Watson is my current idol!

Friday- Another day off!! I usually take Fridays to work on projects with my group or work on my own projects. For example this week I took friday to work on my own illustration projects, because I just really enjoy it and its good to have a variety of things to put in your portfolio!! Below is what I worked on last friday!

Hope this is insightful for some of you and shows what a week is like as a creative student!

Illustration portrait caitlin


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