The World of Psychology

The theme of the month for February is our course, so this blog is all about my course (Psychology) and the Psychology department at Edge Hill University. Before I go any further I just want to clear up the fact that some people think Psychology is about learning to read people’s minds. It’s not. Yes it is the scientific study of the human brain and behaviour, but it’s definitely not about finding out exactly what someone is thinking at anyone time.

Anyway now I’ve got that cleared up. There are a vast array of things taught on my Psychology course such as how memory works, what causes people to riot, what processes are involved in falling asleep/waking up and how a person develops over their lifespan to name but a few. My course also teaches people how to conduct studies, this is known as research methods and its an integral part of my course.

In order for students to learn these things, there needs to be psychology lecturers (tutors) who are well experienced in the different areas of psychology, and conduct their own research studies to add to existing literature on a range of topics. I have even stumbled across some articles when looking for literature for my dissertation, that my dissertation supervisor has been a part of (many articles have multiple authors to them). Not only that when I was in my first and second year I volunteered to be a research assistant for some of the projects my tutors were running. In first year this was a study by Dr. Helen Wall into the link between language use and personality (which is still on going) and in second year it was a study by Dr. Rebecca Monk and Professor Derek Heim into context effects and smoking behaviours. Both of these things will stand out on my CV when future employers look at it, and I highly recommend this to those of you who want some relevant experience in research psychology. Projects are advertised through emails sent out to psychology students, and if one or more catches your eye go for it.

I hope this blog has been insightful and if you want to learn more about the staff of Edge Hill’s Psychology department then the link to the lists of academic tutors and technicians is below 🙂

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