Coming Up This Semester

I have now been back at Edge Hill full time almost a week and have had my first lectures and seminars of the semester. In these my tutors outlined the structure of my two new modules this semester (Research Technologies and Tools and Reflections and Future Directions) along with how they are assessed. In Tuesday’s dissertation lecture meanwhile we learnt about the different postgraduate degrees in Psychology that are available to those who want to peruse that route. (some are taught and some are research based) and what a PhD (doctorate of philosophy) in Psychology consists of. It was also explained to us that anyone who wants to do a PhD doesn’t need to gain a MSc beforehand. A MSc (master of science) is for those who want to become a practitioner in an area of psychology (health, sport, occupational, educational etc) whilst a PhD is better for those who want to enter into academia (i.e. their long term end goal is to become a lecturer at a university).

Anyway aside from that I have lots of coursework to crack on with (as so to speak) this semester (so between now and the end of my degree. Which believe me is a scary thought). My workload essentially consists of:

Research Technologies and Tools 

  1. Data collection on a single participant
  2. A group presentation
  3. 4 WBA’s (Web Based Assessments)
  4. A 2000 word lab report

Reflections and Future Directions 

  1. 1000 word essay
  2. 700 word presentation
  3. 300 word reflection

Not forgetting of course I also have my dissertation to do, which I’m pleased to say is coming together. I’ve been busy summarizing sources for my log book, have begun the write up and have started to get data back. Once all my data is back my next step is to analyse it all and continue my write up. In the meantime I’m due the last of my grades from last semester and have even bought my ticket for the graduation ball in May (which I can’t wait for!)

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