Every year we see ‘flipagrams’, tweets, instagram posts and status’ of people reflecting on how good the past year has been for them. Yet every year everyone seems to want to change but ultimately not many people do! Whether it is wanting to lose weight, meet our dream partner or be a better person; I am the biggest culprit for aiming to do so much in a year and then giving up on all of them… a week later!

Therefore I have decided that this year I am not going to aim too high, I want to be able to sit down at the end of this year and reflect on the New Years resolutions that I have made. I have chosen three simple and not specific resolutions which I aim to stick to:

1. Appreciate the little things – I know this sounds so cliche but having moved away to Uni and then come home again for Christmas I have noticed all the little things that everyone used to do for me and I want to show how grateful I am!

2. Be more positive – towards the end of last year I started to become very negative about everything. I had moved away from home and had the best term but then when it all started to build up with work and the end of the term drew nearer I started to view everything pessimistically. This year I want to be grateful and stay positive.

3. Make the most of every moment – I have decided that I am going to start saying yes to every opportunity. I am not particularly someone who says no but I feel that I need to stop worrying about things not working and just give them a go! I am quite outgoing but I feel that I worry about everything becoming too much!

Therefore my advice is not to be too extravagant with your resolutions. You never know where the next year will take you, who you will be close to and who will have drifted out of your life. The resolution may not even be feasible in a few months time so just try to be realistic.


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