It’s the year you start university!

Happy New YearIts finally 2015, which means this year you’re actually going to start University, how crazy is that!
This was the position I was in back in 2013 and I remember all the mixed emotions of nerves and excitement, which went up and down all the way along the year.
But when it comes to preparing for university, there are a few things I wish people told me, so here are a few little tips to help you plan what you need to buy before you start University.
1. Laptop or Pen and paper?
Before I started university, I didn’t really know what ‘the norm’ was to bring to lectures. Personally I prefer and most others would agree that good old fashion pen and paper wins every time. I always like to take quick notes and listen to the lecturer, and then write them up in more detail after the lecture. Everyone has their own preference though so what ever you prefer is ok!
2.Don’t bring a whole set of pots and pans!
Literally everyone in your flat will and you’ll have no where to store them all! I’d say wait until your all there and then if theres anything you need go shopping together and buy the extras!
3. Bring things to make your room feel homely!
I really went to town on this one, I think its just so much easier to settle in somewhere if it feels homely, so bring things to decorate your room a little, like pictures and a nice new duvet!
4.Bring a tin of Quality Streets
Or whichever chocolate you prefer, this is just the easiest conversation starter when you first meet everyone in your flat.
5.Dont worry about buying all the books!
We have a whole library full of books! And it will always be stocked up with everything you need for your course! Also 3rd years always sell off their old books much cheaper!
This sounds a bit sad, but there will always be a dull evening where it will come in handy, and you can always turn these into drinking games!

I hope this helps some of you get an idea of what you should buy before you start University!!

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