Coursework Deadlines and Exams

For the next two weeks, time has been allocated for students who are taking exams before semester two begins. In this time, lessons are not running and exams are taking place on campus – for those who don’t have exams, they get an extra couple of weeks holiday!

Not only are there many exams happening over the next two weeks, there are coursework deadlines for semester one work that wasn’t due before Christmas. In my case, I have a Database module with one exam this Wednesday and a coursework deadline on Friday, then a programming module with Coursework due next Monday and an exam the following Friday. It’s going to be a pretty intense week!

For the coursework, I have to create a Database that is for a given scenario – this is a pet insurance company┬áthat needs a database to help reimburse customers for the vet bills. The coursework makes up 60% of the module, and the exam is 40% – the exam consists of some multiple choice questions and some short written answers in the two hour slot.

In the programming module, we need to build a working score system for a football club in Java from scratch, including our own designs and methods that will be used to build it. The exam is also multiple choice, and some of the short answer questions involve writing out code from an English written scenario.


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