Spreadsheets for Good

Over the years of being a full time student, I have noticed how I use online spreadsheets to help me with my student life, whether it be for budgeting, time management, or just to keep sane!

Spreadsheets can be accessed in a variety of ways, such as Excel in Microsoft Office, Sheets in Google Drive, and in Open Office.


I mostly use Spreadsheets to budget my money.

I start off with my yearly income, such as Student Loan and earnings from my paid work, as the starting point which adds together (via formula) ready for the deductions.

The deductions are mostly from rent, which is the weekly rent plus deposit, multiplied by the amount of weeks I am staying to give the Total Rent.

I now have the Money Leftover for other things like travel and food. This is then divided by the amount of weeks I am staying to give the maximum weekly spend, which I try to go under so save money in the long run.

FORMULA: Weekly Spend = (Loan + Extra Income) – (Weekly Rent x Weeks Staying) / Weeks Staying

Time Management

Since I have many projects happening at once, whether that be creating essays / presentations for assessments or extra curricular activities, it’s handy to have a table which details all assessments, comments on progress, deadlines, and priority numbers (1 for highest priority etc.). I have colour coded mine to make life a little easier – Red for high priority, yellow for mid priority, and green for low priority.

There is actually a set of formulas to make the priority numbers automatically change dependant on the deadline date – ie. the closer the date, the lower the number – but I haven’t quite got to that yet :/ But right now it’s a clean overview of what needs doing, and where I am at with each one.


And finally, I create random Spreadsheets to stay sane. For example, when I am doing a project that’s somehow gone out of control, a spreadsheet that turns a mass of activity into separate parts with individual commentaries for each helps a little – Turning projects into chunks helps.

Luckily, I don’t have to create sanity tables often, but they are an option when things get tough!

With all this writing that I do every day, I figured I’d take a break from literacy and focus on tables and maths 🙂 It’s quite refreshing!

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