Student Support for Employment

I have used the Careers Service for a number of things over the years, and with the new year approaching and with the urge to do some last minute attempts to boost my CV before graduation, I figured that now is the best time to talk about how the Service has been of help to me.

Careers site

The careers site lists job vacancies in a variety of areas and sectors, and is where I have found paid and voluntary work. It can also be used to see what kind of jobs are being advertised, as a source of inspiration in case you haven’t decided what job you want in the future.


The careers service can also provide feedback on application materials. For example, when I was applying for my postgraduate studies, I sent a draft of my personal statement to them and they annotated it with comments for my perusal which was very helpful – I have been invited for a couple of interviews after my application was sent through.


Finally, there are numerous certificates that can be given. I have recently heard about an accredited Volunteer Certificate – This is handy as it captures the work experience, making it more than sparing a few hours a week.

So there’s the ways I have interacted with the Careers Service. The future ahead is probably uncertain for some, but there is a wealth of help and advice for getting ahead.

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