5 Things all Creative Students should have on their Xmas List!

Today I decided to share my top 5 things you should come to university equipped with if your studying a creative degree!

1 and 2. Sharpies and a Huge Sketch Book! – I could not have predicted how attached I am to sharpies right now! I literally have one in all of my handbags and a pencil case full of them! When studying a creative course it is sometimes much easier to visualise what your trying to say in a quick messy sketch rather than written down on paper or spoken in words. ‘Scamps’ (which are just quick sketches of an advertising design) will be a word you will quickly come accustom to and you will be doing at least 20 a day by the end of the first week!

3. A Note Pad – You never know at what time of day a good idea might hit you. Its impossible to lock yourself in your room and force yourself to come up with a ground breaking good idea. So the best thing to do is just go out and not think about it at all and more often that not, an idea will just come! Inspiration is not usual found stuck between 4 walls.

4. Inspiration – Ok, so technically you can’t buy inspiration for Christmas but there are loads of places I go searching for it. If there was one books I was going to recommend it would be: Hey Whipple Squeeze This by Luke Sullivan. Excuse the crazy name, but this book is literally the advertising bible! Other places I go searching for inspiration include¬†http://www.pinterest.com

5. Finally An Open Mind – Sorry I realise you can’t exactly buy this on the high street either, but when you work in a creative team it is so important to keep an open mind in order to collaborate and think up amazing ideas. No idea is a bad one, some just work better than others and some just need polishing up, so never dismiss an idea too quickly.

So basically turn up on your first day with a sharpie and sketch book a note pad, and an open mind full of inspiration and your well on your way to being a pro in industry!
Hope this helps some of you!

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