Targets 2015

It’s never too early to start preparing, and I’m writing a list of my targets for next year. I have so far managed to achieve most of this year’s targets (including releasing more music on my record label, continue volunteering etc.), so I’m a little more optimistic about next year’s targets even though they carry a much higher level of challenge…

Firstly, I want to gain a good quality degree next July, which is why I’m writing essays like crazy right now so that all my current year 3 semester 1 work is ready to “marinate” over the Christmas holidays, so that when I return to it afterwards, the outlook is fresh and any errors can be corrected more efficiently (in theory!). Practical work is a little more complex, as I’m working with an artist to create a feature length folk album – But hopefully after the holidays the planning can turn into recording to be produced into the final product.

I’m planning on moving on with my volunteering work, where I work in a different and more demanding role as I feel I’m ready to after being a classroom assistant for a charity for the last year. I’m not too sure what that new role will be, but as long as it is related to poverty alleviation, I’m down 🙂 I also want to make more progress with my record label as I’m getting the hang of making it work – I’m going to start planning a more detailed schedule of releases for next year!

Finally, I’m looking into professional and personal development. I have my eyes on gaining my driving licence, as well as a teaching qualification (which is a lot easier said than done, believe me). I also want to learn, to at least a basic level, a 2nd language. And yep, like many other future graduates, I am hoping to get a decent job by next Christmas.

I have no idea how many of these targets I will be able to achieve, but I have over 365 days to do them, so hopefully some will get done! This “2015 target sheet” in another update in my career development portfolio.

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