It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Flat 49 Christmas Tree

So Christmas is fast approaching and everyday we are getting more and more involved in the festive spirit. During my first year we decided that we would take a day and recreate Christmas, in order for us to celebrate it together. We made our own Christmas dinner, bought secret Santa presents and had a day of Christmas films and music. This year we kept up with our newly founded tradition and recreated our Christmas again.

Year 1- Christmas Dinner
christmas dinner
2nd year- Christmas Dinner

But Christmas isn’t the only date fast approaching. UCAS DEADLINE is on the 15th January 2015 and if I were you, I’d get your UCAS form done ASAP. Who wants to spend Christmas worrying about personal statements? I wouldn’t.

When it comes to personal statements, I’d try and make it as original as possible. Personally I’d make a plan. Not only does this help for the structure, but it also allows you to include all your key points. Keep your paragraphs focused and try not to divert off onto random topics. Make sure you watch your word count and how many lines you have. UCAS have strict guidelines, so make sure you stick to them!

So, get UCAS out of the way and concentrate on having an amazing time over the Christmas break. The real work begins after Christmas making sure you achieve the results you want and getting into the uni of your choice (Edge Hill, obviously!).


Until next time…:)

Secret Santa
Secret Santa

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