End of Term 1! (Absolute Madness)

So Term 1 is ending, which if I’m quite honest freaks me out a little, this has without doubt been the quickest three months of my life!

There are only 10 more sleeps till Christmas and I go home this Saturday for the first time since I got here which is pretty exciting

The past weekend has been pretty insane too, well I say insane, I mean i did one thing each day which for me is way above average. On the Friday just gone I went to see a student production of Cinderoncé, it was the traditional story of Cinderella told through the medium of Beyoncé songs, It was amazing, I was in complete hysterics the entire time and I cannot wait to see what they do next.

On Saturday I went to go see “Broadway Here I Come” which was a concert of loads of songs from musicals, a friend of mine was in it and I spent the entire time feeling very cultured,

Now both these things were great, but yesterday was the day we had all been waiting for, Christmas Dinner. Obviously we are all spending Christmas with our families, but we wanted to do something together as a Flat so I took on the role of Cook and made, without exaggeration, the best roast dinner that I have ever created. My inner Delia Smith was channelled into perfectly roasted chicken and the best roast potatoes of all time!

So only two lectures and I’ll be done for the year!

One thing I did forget to tell you about, was something I did the Friday before last, a friend of mine received a scholarship from Edge Hill, and they put on a fancy awards ceremony complete with Champagne reception!

If you want any information about applying for a scholarship, because there are loads that Edge Hill do then I’ll leave a link here so you can go and hunt that out, and If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a comment!

Scholarship Info

Next week I’ll be doing a bit of a look back at the term, talk a bit about Freshers and Welcome Sunday

So this weeks song, is actually not one song, it’s a mashup called Evolution of Beyoncé. It is performed by a group called Pentatonix who you can find on YouTube and it’s amazingly done

Until Next Time 🙂

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