Sad News

This week I was incredibly saddened to hear that Dinesh Allirajah had passed away. Dinesh was an associate staff member of the Edge Hill University Creative Writing department and taught me in my poetry and fiction modules in my first year. It was due to his dry wit and inspiring passion about what he taught that he was my favourite seminar tutor.

It is the role of the creative writing seminar tutors to assist with coursework, teach theory, inspire new ways of thinking and to assist their students in building up a portfolio of creative work. With Dinesh, I felt that he gave so much more. Not only did he help me greatly in my studies, but he always managed to help me regain confidence in my own creative work when I was letting the self-doubt creep in. I often find myself automatically adjusting segments of my work, keeping in mind what Dinesh taught me to look out for, when I edit my work.

Dinesh was always willing to help in any way he could and; he even took time out to write me a reference when I was putting together an application for a scholarship.

Whilst I only knew Dinesh through the few hours a week of seminars in my first year, I know that I will never stop using what he taught me.


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