Christmas is coming but so are deadlines!

IMG_0077 copySo it seems to be that everyone is slowing down on the run up for Christmas, getting all their shopping done and going out for staff parties, but not me! This is one of my busiest times of the year! Being a student studying a coursework heavy degree, Christmas time is all about getting a million and one assignments in and making sure they are all to the very best they can be. I really shouldn’t complain though I do literally get a whole month of in January – bonus! But not only is it a busy time for me, I’m guessing it is for you too and trying to decide what uni is best for you in order to get that UCAS (is the word driving you crazy yet) in on time. So here are my top tips on how to decided which uni is right for you!

  1. The Course- If you love the uni and don’t like the course, probability is you’ll get really bored and want to drop out after a matter of weeks. Picking the right thing for you is so important because you have to put up with it for 3 years! And doing something you love just makes everything so much easier.
  2. Extra – What do all the universities offer you that others couldn’t? Will they offer you opportunities to enhance your CV and make you more employable?
  3. Area – Think about whether you want a campus uni or city, weigh up the pros and cons. For me this was so easy, I wanted a campus university, but not too far away from a major city, for shopping and nights out.
  4. Societies and Facilities- Does it have everything you want and give you opportunities to try something new? Check out everything that’s going on at the uni and make sure there’s stuff you’ll want to get involved in.
  5. Can you honestly see your self there? – That sounds like a bit of an odd one, but when I came to visit Edge Hill I instantly felt at home, and I could just see myself settling in straight away, go with your gut instinct, usually they never fail you!

I really hope this helps some of you guys and helps make the whole issue of picking uni’s that little bit less stressful!

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