The title of this entry may seem some how familiar to the english literature students and book lovers amongst you, that’s because it’s from one of the most enduring love stories of all time..Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. On Thursday night I went to the Rose Theatre in the Arts Centre to see a very special adaptation of this classic 400 page novel. What was so special about it? Well the cast consisted of two actors. The male, Nick Underwood played the following characters

  1. Mr Darcy
  2. Mr Bennet
  3. Kitty Bennet
  4. Jane Bennet
  5. Mr Collins
  6. Mr Gardner
  7. Lady Catherine De Burg
  8. The house keeper of Pemberley (the grand mansion that is home to Mr Darcy and his sister Georgiana who didn’t make an appearance)
  9. Mr Wickham

Whilst the female, Joannah Tincey played

  1. Elizabeth Bennet
  2. Mrs Bennet
  3. Lydia Bennet
  4. Mr Bingley
  5. Caroline Bingley
  6. Charlotte Lucas

It was an enjoyable night out, not least because of the scenes where Lydia and Kitty fan-girled over the militia and the part where Elizabeth Bennet and her aunt and uncle (Mr and Mrs Gardner were shown around Pemberley) were hilarious, and it was on par with ‘Dracula’ which I saw back in January because of the fact that too had its cast playing more than one character each. If you ever get to see something like either Dracula or Pride and Prejudice where the actors play multiple characters, go because it makes for an interesting adaptation which is well worth watching 🙂

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