Children In Need has happened!

Hello one and all!

It’s been a while, and many things have happened. But to say the least, Children in Need has now been and gone and I have done a few things for it.

On the Actual day, I took part in a Marathon RPG session, hosting a 3 hour slot myself in my Home brew system to great delight of others. We managed to raises a fair bit of money for it.

Then, Just yesterday, I took part in another Marathon session.
The Doctor Who Society’s Children of Earth In Need.
We sat and Marathon’ed the entire of the Torchwood serial ‘Children of Earth’

Our Lovely Madam President even kept her word and performed the Drunk Giraffe

What did you do for Children in Need?

— — —

Quote of the Week

“I saw the Light fade from the Sky. On the Wind I heard a sigh. As the snowflakes cover my fallen brothers, I shall say this last goodbye”

– Billy Boyd

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