Accommodation- Who Should You Live With?

Choosing your housemates

As it’s never too early to be finding accommodation fir next year it’s now worth thinking strategically about who you want to live with. While it may be tempting to move in with your best friends you may find that they’re not the best people to live with. Here are some things to look out for:

Do you have similar standards of cleanliness?

It may seem obvious but it might not be until you’re living together that you discover that your housemate’s definition of ‘clean’ varies drastically from your own. If you like a tidy house then it’s best to live with people who also want this. If you like to be a little more laid back when it comes to cleaning and tidying then you’re best to find somebody with a similar mind-set.

Will your schedules be conflicting?

It’s tough to know what hours people will be in uni next year, but if you have an inkling of what the timetables might be like it’s probably best not to live with four people who all need to be out and showered at the same time every morning. This can be difficult if you plan to live with people from your course, so if it comes down to it think very carefully about moving in with people who take hour-long showers.

Are they reliable?

Depending on how you pay your bills and rent there could be a chance that you’ll be responsible for getting everyone’s money together. There’s nothing more awful than having to chase somebody for money, so make sure you can rely on the people you plan to live with.

What do you want your year to be like?

If you’re planning a year of intense studying then it’s best to make sure that you’re not living with people who will be keeping you up all night. On the other hand, if you like your fair share of nights out then make sure you’re not living with somebody who you will disturb when you get in.

Finding a house can be a stressful experience but the people that you’re house-hunting with can dictate just how stressful the experience is going to be. However, as long as you choose your future housemates wisely the whole process might actually be fun, as well!

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