Maths test?! Postgrad study hurdles!

I have noticed that there are quite a few hurdles to jump in order to get into postgraduate study (it’s surprisingly different to undergrad applying) – Even though it’s a pain sometimes, I guess it’s all one big test to make sure the most determined make it through.

Professional Skills Test

There are two exams I must pass in order to gain into the specific course I want – A literacy test and a numeracy test. Having done quite a number of essays in the past three years, I’m not too concerned about the Literacy exam, but the Maths one is a little concerning… There are 16 areas of numeracy including Cumulative Frequency, Box and Whiskers Diagrams and Conversions, and the test is split into non calculator and calculator questions. Heavy stuff! My test is to be taken at the end of December, which gives me a month or so to memorise how to solve which kinds of questions. Thankfully, even though maths isn’t my strong point, it’s a science that can be learned.


I have an interview soon at my top choice of University – and when I say ‘interview’, I mean full day of doing Presentations, Group Work and then the actual interview! I am looking forward to it nonetheless, especially the Presentation where I get to talk about something I’m really passionate about. It is in the morning, which means the travel is expensive, but hopefully it’s all worth it.

DBS Check

This is the most strait forward thing to do, and is necessary because most of the postgrad qualification sees me working with many groups of people. I must give legal documents proving my identity to DBS, in order for the check.


The 2nd most challenging part of the process after the Maths test, is finding the right place to live for a year. Since my main choice is in a big city, should I get lucky and get a place there, then the accommodation is most likely to be hard to get at a cheap price. I’m avoiding halls of residence this time as that’s not my style anymore, so I’m hoping to find a house this time around. Yes house hunting is stressful, but it’s only temporary stress.

And all of this is just getting in – It’s probably more complex actually studying postgrad, and even more so afterwards when I’m in the real world. Time to hold my nerve, and jump those hurdles!

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