It’s now getting to the time of year where everyone who is currently at university is starting to look for accommodation for next year – there’s loads of places about and it’s a good idea to start having a look around now so that you don’t leave it too late. Even if you don’t manage to find a room straight away, there will be options such as staying on campus or moving to Liverpool to the Unite buildings, but ideally you’d like a house in Ormskirk with your friends!

I’m currently looking at houses for three and there’s a few viewings this week, where all of the houses are within a fifteen minute walk of the Edge Hill campus.

When looking at houses, you will have to take into consideration that most properties will ask for a summer retainer and deposit – this can be quite expensive when you first find out about it. A summer retainer guarantees the room to be held for you over the summer period when the current tenants move out and you move in. They are usually around £300 which should be paid when the contract is signed.

A deposit will be required as well in order to guarantee the room for you – this is also around £300 but can vary between places. In some places, over the summer weeks whilst you are not living in the room but the contract is valid, then you will be required to pay half-rent instead of a summer retainer.

It is also an idea to think carefully about who you want to live with – you don’t want to live with people who are completely messy and don’t tidy, but also you don’t want to be with people you can’t rely on to get things done or pay bills on time – make sure you know that they can be relied upon!

Have fun house hunting! 🙂

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