If you’re only just thinking about applying to university, it can seem like second year is way in the future, but I think it’s important to begin thinking about where you’re going to live after halls as early as possible. I lived in halls in my first year, and that was great because you just let the uni know which halls you’d prefer, they allocate you a room and then it’s over and done with. But if you’re planning on living in Ormskirk in your second year, you’re going to have to find a house because second year students aren’t allowed to live on campus unless you have a special reason.

Student housing in Ormskirk is quite limited, and as a result it can disappear very quickly when it comes to house hunting time. I left it too late when I was looking for my second year, and ended up in a house that was pretty far away from civilisation. It sucked because I felt like I missed out on part of the student experience. However when it came to finding a house for my third year, I was on the ball and had signed a contract for a house in the centre of town by November.

By the end of October in you first year, I would advise you start thinking about who it is you’d like to live with. I know it seems crazy because you would only have been at university a month, but hopefully you’ll have an idea of the kind of people you get along with by then. In November I’d recommend you start looking at houses online. If letting agents  and landlords haven’t started advertising yet, you could drop them an email asking if they have any properties with the number of bedrooms you’re looking for.  If you get all this done early, you won’t feel rushed in to signing a contract when you finally look round the houses and so hopefully you will have time to think over your options a bit more.

House hunting can feel a bit scary (although very exciting!) but landlords are very used to dealing with students, and so they let know everything you need to do, and the uni is always available to give any housing advice and to read over contracts.

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