Reading week!

Hello one and all!

This week is currently reading week, which means I have a week of non stop reading, studying and revising. So It means pulling out the stops and making sure I can collect all the materials I need.

Reading week at Edge Hillis perhaps one of the most useful weeks for a student. However, it can also serve as a relaxing break for those that need it.

Those that can go back home during this week, often do so.
Sadly, for someone like me, a 250 mile trip just to do that is a little bit difficult.
But who knows!
Perhaps you will (or have) been able to and I wish all the luck to you.

Next week marks the return to hard work, and the short stretch to christmas
(Which is a horrifying thought)

Speak soon!

— — —

“Our brains are all wired wrong”


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