Hello All!

Hoping your all having a good time here at University, or those that are not yet part of University, hope your having a good day.

Something that has risen to my mind, that I have spoken about a few times, is Transport.
When at Uni, as cheap as it may seem sometimes, walking is not always an option.
Though it is a short distance, people will be glad to know that there is a bus running between the University and the Town Centre.

The Bus stops off at Ormskirk Bus station, which is obviously a hub of buses that can take you wherever it is you need to go.
To make matters easy, a path down the back of the Bus centre leads off to the Train station, which can take you down into Liverpool or down into Preston, and all the stops inbetween. I advise making at least one or two trips into Liverpool. It’s worth a looksie.

However, if you want to just go visit a friend a town over and taking  a bus or train is not an option either, directly opposite the bus station is the Local Ormskirk Taxi service.

So no matter what your transport needs, there is certainly something to take you where you need to go

(Except for Hover cars. The Science department has yet to provide us with one of those yet)

— — —

“You betrayed me, you betrayed my trust, you betrayed our friendship, you betrayed everything that I ever stood for.” – Doctor Who

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