Peaceful time spots on Campus

When the weather is right, and I need a break from the hassles of life, there are spots in Uni that I go to to relax (if the weather is right, of course).

The first are the seats overlooking the West side lake. It’s better in the afternoon when the seats are not wet from the morning / evening moisture. You can get immersed looking into the water (if that’s your thing), and hear the water features at either side.

Next is the new East side lake besides Creative Edge. It has a lot more “flats” surrounding it, so if you’re in a more “urban” mood, it’s an ideal mix of nature of architecture. Plus, there’s even a mini beach with sand at the side. (If you’ve been to Media City like I have, you’ll probably notice that the East side lake bears a slight resemblance to Salford Quays outside the BBC).

Finally, there is the garden patch between the Arts Centre and the Library (apparently it’s called The Rose garden). I’m not a huge nature fan, but there’s enough variation with the plants, rocks and grass to be interesting and distracting in a good way. Think of it as an opposite to the East side lake 🙂

I though I’d take a break from all the serious blog posts and write about something positive like relaxation. I’ll probably need more relaxation time this year as the workload is quite heavy (especially my final music project which is maybe a little too ambitious but oh well we’ll see what happens, I guess)… Thankfully, there’s places for that!

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