In my most recent poetry seminar Lindsey, the seminar tutor, was discussing with us the concept of everything that has happened before in a space continuing to exist within that space as part of its history. She talked about how the building that we were currently in never used to exist and that, as we were on the second floor, some time ago the only things to inhabit that space will have been birds. We then considered the importance of a landscape’s history and how we could use this for our poetry. Lindsey then showed us old maps of the university using a website calledĀ and I found it all very interesting so thought that I’d share some pictures of how the campus has changed.

edge hill 1927
In 1928 the area where the university is now was just fields.


edge hill 1955
In 1955 what is now known as ‘The Main Building’ appears. It has a very distinctive shape, but nowadays is attached to The Hub.
edge hill 3
In 1963 many more buildings have cropped up and the running track has appeared.
edge hill 5
From 1993, this is the most recent map available on the website, and it is a good indication of how much the campus has grown over the past years.
edge hill now
To finish, here is a picture of the campus now.



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